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The City of Kaluga — Newly Fledged Partner of the Forum

The city of Kaluga has taken the plunge and joined the Forum after a formal meeting in November 2016.

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“From Ancient to New Silk Road” exhibition opens up in Rome

On December 5 2016, the exhibition called “From Ancient to New Silk Road” opened up at the Presidential Palace known as the “Quirinale Palace” in Rome.

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MIR Initiative at the 7th Bosphorus Summit

Ernest Sultanov presented a long-term civilizational project “Metro of the METR” (Middle East, Europe, Turkey, Russia) to the President of Turkey Recep Erdogan.

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Forum in Kaluga

Railway Silk Road Cities Forum’s projects presented in Russian Kaluga.

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Turin meeting declaration

Railway Silk Road Cities Forum held another meeting to address. Development of the Eurasian Freight Metro.

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