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Italian newspapers about the Railway Silk Road Cities Forum

The main Italian newspapers - Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Milano Finanza, Il Sole 24 ore - published articles about the Railway Silk Road Cities Forum.

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Creation of the Silk Road 2.0 will be discussed on Forum in Turin

On November 27, 2015 the Railway Silk Road Cities Forum will take place in Turin. The Forum is aimed at forming of a fundamentally new ideology of transport integration in the METR region (Middle East, Europe, Turkey, Russia) through the creation of common railway space, including the project of the New Railway Silk Road. 

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Michele Molinari in a new Kommersant Vlast edition

Article written by Michele Molinari, one of a few successful transport systems developers, shares with Kommersant Vlast readers his views on how, through strategic vision and simple concrete solutions, we can make the life of ordinary people of METR region a little bit more easy and mobile efficient.

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«Metro of the METR» in Italian magazine Formiche

A new edition of Italian magazine Formiche has been published with a special coverage of “Metro of the METR” project.

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"White book" articles in new Kommersant Vlast edition

These include article “Mobility of the future: to the city and to the world” by the Director for Southern, Central & Eastern Europe in DB-Arriva Marco Piuri and “Transport education” by the Principal of Moscow Railway Engineering University (MIIT) Boris Levin.

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