MIR Initiative unites business leaders and innovative thinkers, statesmen and mayors in a joint attempt to shape the future in the highly relevant sectors of transport, infrastructure and communications.

MIR Initiative focuses efforts on the strategic project of high-speed metro of the METR (Middle East, Europe, Turkey, Russia) region and neighbouring areas.

Silk METRO Interactive map

The ancient Silk Road was a combination of routes and lines, connecting the network of Eurasian cities. The best image of this connectivity is the nowadays metro system. So we tried to combine these two concepts with modern technology, creating Eurasian high-speed metro. We call it Metro of the METR region or simply «Silk metro». With our interactive map you can already taste the future mobility of the Silk metro now.


Railway Silk Road

Eurasia was brought into existence by the Great Silk Road. Its political, economic and cultural ties would not be possible without mobility. The mobility today is represented in the most significant way by the Railway Silk Road, which may be seen as a large Eurasian metro. The cities-stations of this metro are represented by the members of the Railway Silk Road Cities Forum.

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White book

The MIR "White book" is a collection of visionary articles and statements, focused on the future development of transport and communications in the METR region (Middle East, Europe, Turkey and Russia). Our authors include intellectuals and decision makers representing major construction, railway, road, industrial, aviation, financial, consulting companies, as well as governmental, nongovernmental and intergovernmental institutions. In many ways, these White book articles define the "building blocks" of the infrastructure of the future.

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Position papers


MIR is all about common grounds with a special place for everyone. Therefore, You will always be able to participate in MIR. You can submit an article for publication on our site or encourage our followers to comment our posts. If you are interested in updates on MIR Initiative project, you can follow it in social media.