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Forum in Kaluga

Ernest Sultanov presented the Forum's current projects related to the Eurasian metro for passengers and freight during the Kaluga PPP conference. These projects are attractive for the partner cities of the Forum. One of these cities, Kaluga, is about 160 km distant from Moscow and the life of its citizens can change dramatically in case this distance was shortened (of course in terms of time). Today normal journey from Moscow to Kaluga takes between 2,5 and 3,5 hours. In the future, fast train connection will take less than 1 hour. It will make Kaluga attractive for new businesses that are difficult to develop in Moscow because of the costs, and provide city residents with opportunities to find job in Moscow. Moreover, Kaluga's airport will receive a chance to become a new Moscow region hub with a special focus on low cost aviation: it takes reasonably longer to get there, but financially it is more attractive.

Kaluga’s location next to the big Moscow region market and infrastructure gives it good opportunities for participation in the city-to-city rail trade within the Eurasian freight metro project. This project was discussed with Kaluga region authorities and top management of Kaluga Freight Village.

At the next stage we are planning to arrange:

- the meetings between foreign companies interested in developing fast train connection between Moscow and Kaluga and the Governor Anatoly Artamonov.

- a high-level meeting with the container train operators on new CC rail trade routes.

The Forum has also invited the Governor of the Kaluga region to participate in the second edition of the White book «Metro of the METR region: Cities as stations of the future Eurasian metro».