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MIR at the European Parliament in Brussels

On October, 8th in the building of European Parliament a very special event for transport industry took place – FERRMED, an annual conference dedicated to enhancement of the New Silk Road projects. MIR Initiative was presented there by Ernest Sultanov, MIR’s coordinator, and Egor Fedorov, MIR’s leading business analyst. On the session ‘Key railway corridors in the “Silk Road”, infrastructure features and transportation flows’ Ernest spoke about the different directions in which the New Silk Road can be developed. In the opinion of Ernest, one of the key ideas in terms of these projects is to promote the use of intermodal containers for freight transportation in Eurasia. In today’s circumstances when customers want the delivery to be as fast as possible and the e-Commerce market growing with enormous speeds, intermodal transportation, which results in a great increase of convenience, speed and efficiency and enables door-to-door delivery, becomes one of the most prospective drivers for economies of participating countries. The topmost important move today is to construct appropriate infrastructure and provide the market with the necessary amount of new types of containers in order to make the idea work. Ernest also presented an IT-system working on block-chain technologies which is currently being elaborated by MIR’s team, highlighting the vitality of introduction of intellectual software into the operation of transport companies, among other things working on the New Silk Road projects.