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MIR’s experts contribute to the debate on the New Container Silk Road

A scientific article Container Silk Road: Optimization of the Transit Corridor by MIR’s coordinator Ernest Sultanov in collaboration with leading experts Sergey Levin and Egor Fedorov was published in World of Transport and Transportation Journal. The article analyzes the economic potential of trans-asian container routes involving China, Russian Federation, and the European Union. It is concluded that despite the gradual increase in transit container flow, the New Container Silk Road may face infrastructural and legal barriers. The authors highlight the need for public investments in relevant transport infrastructure, primarily the intermodal hubs and break-of-gauge points, which may increase the transit capacity of railways and boost economic participation of Russian regions in transportation flows of New Container Silk Road. The crucial impediment to further integration lies in the field of transit rules, customs principles and tariffs, that are yet to be harmonized among the participating countries. Authors advocate a comprehensive supranational approach with respect to the interests of all parties. It is argued that the integration should result in a single technical and legal standard for container transportation, which may significantly reduce the cost of operations. Technological advance in intermodal container transportation is also emphasized as one of the possible consequences of supranational development of transit container routes. 

World of Transport and Transportation is the leading Russian scientific journal.

You can find the original article here.