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The Forum receives Golden Chariot – International Transport Award

On April 12-13, the world’s leading transport and infrastructure organizations were awarded Golden Chariots — prizes to transport industry as important as Oscars are to cinematography. More than 250 most cherished celebrities in the field gathered in the Palace of Nations in Geneva to participate in the grand ceremony and speak out on the most topical problems of mobility during the conference ‘Sustainable development goals of sustainable transport and peace’.

The main goal of Golden Chariot is to praise the contribution made to the development of transport mobility by prizewinners from 69 countries as well as to enhance advancement in all sectors of the industry by stimulating the exchange of knowledge and experience.

One of the Golden Chariots went to MIR Initiative’s project the New Silk Road Cities Forum for the establishment of a platform for communication for decision makers, city mayors and experts in the sphere. During the conference Mario Virano, general manager of Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin and one of the Forum’s founders, and Eugenio Novario, the Forum's coordinator in Italy, discussed the significance of international cooperation and long-term collaborative work for success of New Silk Road projects’ realization. MIR Initiative is itself a great example of joint work of different Eurasian countries — its headquarters is located in Turin, Italy and an office in Moscow, Russia has been recently inaugurated.

Another Chariot was won by Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. MIIT’s Rector Boris Lievin gave a speech on the potential development of transport systems via implementation of IT. He also spoke about the role of transport universities in the context of scientific elaboration of new technologies and infrastructure decisions. Together with Ernest Sultanov and Zagit Kutuzmanov, MIR Initiative’s coordinators, Boris Lievin presented MIIT and MIR’s collaborative project — an information analytics system TrackTrack. Working with data as its core, the system helps to optimize the process of decision making and, therefore, to radically reduce financial costs. TrackTrack makes information about new technologies and trends available to infrastructure companies straight away, which is beneficial not only to the company itself, but makes the entire industry more innovative.

The fact of being awarded the biggest prize in transportation substantiates MIR Initiative’s approach that key factors for development of mobility are intellectual exchange and cooperation.

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