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TrackTrack is an information analytics system that constantly monitors the development of railway infrastructure in the Eurasian region. We believe that developing stronger linkages between countries will drive economies and political realities for the better. To a large extent, this depends on relevant data and right decisions. Our project processes such data to fill the gap in infrastructure information in the region to facilitate investment, research and decision making.

The solution is tailor-made to fit the needs of our clients: infrastructure firms as well as investors and decision makers. The key to such flexibility is that not only we provide data about current, developing and projected infrastructure, but also reflect public discussion and news, as well as suggest our own insights. Moreover, we keep track of companies, personalities and contracts to have a possibility for smooth, broad and intelligent analysis. 

Currently, our system is being deployed mostly for the Balkan region: Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina etc. We develop both extensively, to capture more countries and give a broader picture of interconnections and possibilities for mutual benefits, and intensively, to allow for a professional sight, identify what the region needs most, and meet our clients’ finest needs.